Disney Infinity Game

ClientDisney Interactive & Avalanche Studios


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Disney Infinity is a platformer sandbox game, it uses collectible figurines that are then synchronized with the game, allowing for characters from Disney and Pixar properties to interact and go on adventures. The Toybox gameplay allows players to create entire worlds with toys, props, logic actions, and other objects from the aforementioned Disney and Pixar worlds. Check out the project link for more descriptive info.

The Challenge:

Given the expansive nature of the game, the challenges were to create touch-screen interaction for the Wii-U that matched the full-screen functionality on the Xbox 360. Custom touch screens were needed for selecting and modifying hundreds of items in Toybox modes, Item & Prop Select, and Mission Select as well as many other screens like loading, start-up, online flow, etc.

Modification of the Mission Select screen to fit, and be touch-compatible on the Wii-U gamepad
Mission Select

Icons and touch button styles
Touch Buttons

Button Prompt styles
button prompts

Concept (near final look) for the Advanced toybox

Simple Toybox view
Toybox Simple

Early Driving Controls Concept