Futuristic Game HUD



Launch Project


The Challenge:

Create a futuristic HUD for a proof-of-concept design that could work for a AAA title video game. Must incorporate health bars, mini map, weapons and weapon switching and map mode. The catch? Build it all in under 40hrs!

I received the backgrounds to create the HUD over. I then drew some quick wireframe sketches, refined it all in photoshop and exported the pieces to AfterEffects. This allowed me to show what the 3D HUD would look like once in the game using 3D objects and Scaleform. I used 3D transforms and Elements 3D for the 3D building map.


Video Stills:

When playing a fast-paced video game, lag and slow menus are a curse. Since the action is so quick, I’ve included a few video stills below.
HUD weapons

HUD map

HUD reticule


Concept Sketches:

HUD thumbnails