Heavy Iron Website

ClientHeavy Iron Studios


Launch Project

HI site home page


The Challenge:

Overhaul the existing website from an all-flash design created for 800×600 screens to a full HTML/ CSS site viewable on all platforms.


Concept Sketches:



Animated logo:

HIlogo animation
After I redesigned the company logo, several 3D artists worked to create an animated version that’s displayed at the start of all our video games. To incorporate this on the website, I worked to compile and crop the footage in AfterEffects and export through Photoshop layering it on top of a .png to give it nicer edges on the final site.


jQuery Animations:

I used jQuery throughout the site for smooth animations in the complex menu drop-downs and featured slideshow..
HIsite menu
auto scaling video background editing in AfterEffects- created so the sides of the site show more of the video;
HIsite bgvideo
and custom scrolling games area:
HIsite games